No Hate, No Mandate Rally – Buffalo, NY January 21, 2017

16142575_10208835590951144_3929003454227523844_nAlright, so I’m a few days late with this post, but I still wanted to get some of my thoughts down for safekeeping before *too* long! This past Saturday, I attended my first real political event (aside from voting): the “No Hate, No Mandate” March and Rally right here in Buffalo, NY.

It was a very last-minute decision of mine to attend. I learned about the events through Facebook (thanks for the heads-up, social media!) and decided on probably Friday, in the midst of the inauguration, that I wanted to attend. My frustrations regarding the political climate of our country have boiled over, and I decided to put some action behind my words.

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My First-Ever Turkey Trot

15203373_10208349248512887_3023534357833240576_nWell, I can say it: I did it. For the first time in my life, I completed the annual YMCA Turkey Trot. Buffalo’s Turkey Trot is known to be the oldest consecutive annual footrace in North America, with 2016 being its 121st year.

I made the decision to sign up fairly early; I know it sells out (they cap it at 14,000 runners) and I was determined to do it. Sure, I said I’d walk/run more and get into better shape for it – and that didn’t really happen – but in the end, I did it, and I’m proud of myself for not giving up.

I’m not going to lie and say it was easy. I think over the course of the 4.97 miles, a lot of different things went through my head. It went something like this:

At the start line…. well, actually, about a half-mile BACK from the starting line is where my race actually began. I’m smart enough to line up behind the 10+ mile pace flag, but not at the VERY back of the crowd. With the massive amount of people running, it took me a whopping eight minutes from the time the race actually started to the timeΒ IΒ actually crossed the start line. Wowza! By the time I started, a lot of people had already gone at least a mile, if not more.

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Wedding Review: Buffalo, NY

Hello, hello, hello!

As you may have noticed – or maybe not – I got married! As a result, my name has changed & so has the URL to this blog. Thanks to the nifty WordPress, you can still visit melissakania.wordpress.com, but it’ll redirect you to my new domain: burgessmelissa.com!

Before I talk about all the wonderful experiences I had on my honeymoon trip to New England, I wanted to write up a quick post referencing some of the local (Buffalo, NY) businesses I worked with for my wedding and my after-thoughts.

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My First Rowing Class (Also, My FitBit Is Great)

IMG_4761In my continuing effort to try new things, especially in the exercise world, I went ahead and booked my first-ever rowing class at BikeOrBar this past weekend.

Did I mention it was at 9 am? On a Saturday morning?

To be fair, I’m pretty much the kind of person who can never sleep in, regardless of it being a day off from work, so naturally, I was awake before 8 am anyways. But I can’t really say I’ve ever done such a workout so early in the morning. (And yes, I know there are people out there who do spin or rowing or other exercise classes at 6 am. I can’t.)

But alas here I was, 8 am and chowing down on a bowl of Special K cereal to fuel my upcoming workout, then headed out to BikeOrBar. It was my first non-spin class there, and it honestly was a little different from what I was expecting – but not in a bad way.

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