Book Review: “Every You, Every Me” by David Levithan

image1 (5)“Every You, Every Me” wasn’t the first David Levithan book I’ve ever read, and it surely won’t be the last. However, I can’t walk away from it saying that it was my ¬†favorite.

“Every You, Every Me” tells the story of a teenager named Evan. One day, Evan starts mysteriously getting photographs dropped off in random places — just for him. First it’s a photo of the clearing where he’s standing; the next photo is of him, and so on. As he tries to discover who’s behind the project – and what the connection could possibly be to his best friend Ariel – it gets more and more intense. Soon it takes a harsh toll on Evan, and he starts to just…. fall apart.

I picked this book up primarily because I like some of Levithan’s works, but this one felt a little off. There were a few things that I, as a reader, didn’t pick up on right away, which made reading this a little more confusing.

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