Daily Challenge: July 17th

Today’s daily challenge is inspired by a bucket list. No, I’m not exactly going to make you create a bucket list, but the task we’ll take up is in a similar path. This challenge is designed to make you think about your goals, your wishes and your priorities. Are you ready?Often, we become so busy and boggled down with tasks that we absolutely MUST complete – in the next hour, by the end of the work day, this week. Work tasks, shopping, cleaning, etc. etc. etc.

On the other hand, some people are so future-minded that the present seems to fall to the wayside. Thinking about where you want to move in two years, what job you wish to have, and where you want to travel can easily occupy one’s mind.

This task is designed to make you think about BOTH the present and the future – and all you’ll need is three pieces of paper. (Or, if you prefer to do this the technological-way: three documents open in Microsoft Word or whatever your favorite word processing program may be.)

Now, now – don’t skip ahead. There’s three parts to this daily challenge, so take them one at a time.

1. On the first page, write down 10 things you hope to accomplish in the next seven days. This might be something simple like “Clean out my car,” or “Drink 8 glasses of water each day.” It might be a one-time thing, or something you have to do a little each day. Make them realistic goals that you can accomplish in the next week – whether they’re shopping that needs to be done, a physical goal, work-related tasks, or whatever else. Now, over the course of those seven days, focus on those tasks. Do a little at a time or, if it’s appropriate, all of one goal at once. Work away at it, and cross them off as you complete them.

2. On the second page, write down 10 things you hope to accomplish in the next six months to a year. This will push you to think toward the future, but not the DISTANT future – so keep it realistic. Where do you want to be in six months, or a year? Perhaps you want to lose 10 pounds, or apply for six new jobs. Maybe you want to travel outside of your state, outside of your country. These tasks should be reachable in that time period. After you’ve made this list, look at the tasks and think about how you can work to accomplish them – and then do it.

3. On the third page, write down 10 things you hope to accomplishin the next ten years. Allow your imagination to run free, your hopes to grow. These can be somewhat far-fetched dreams that may seem nearly impossible, or goals that you know you can achieve. This might be a backpacking trip across Europe, writing a novel, owning your own home – things like that. One thing I’ll ask you NOT to put on this list, however, is ‘Get married.’ 

Now, I realize you may be saying, “Well, what the hell? If I want to, I’ll put that.” Of course – I can’t stop you, but let me explain. A goal such as that one means that it’s out of your control. You can’t FORCE someone to marry you, just as you can’t force a certain company to hire you or expect to become healthy without exercising.

The goals you select – in any of the time frames – have to be in YOUR control, things that you can accomplish with your own time and work. And you CAN do it… trust me. I believe in you.

You control your own destiny – remember that.


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