Keep Working on That Bucket List…

I recently posted about creating your own bucket list, or list of things you hope to do and accomplish in your lifetime. I’ve had my list for about six years now – but my challenge for you today and this week is not to¬†make the list, but to actually work on it!

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A link to start you off…

So sorry for disappearing on you folks this weekend! I was up in Canada from Friday till Sunday, at a relative’s cottage on Lake Muskoka – no Internet, no TV. I got lots of fresh air and some exercise and it was a wonderful weekend… and now, I’m back and ready to roll.

In light of the recent tragic events in Colorado, this week’s daily challenges will all focus on living your life to the fullest and appreciating those around us.

To start you off on this Monday morning, here’s a link I think you might like.

The site I’m introducing you to is called My50. It’s there that you can make your own ‘bucket list,’ a list of things you want to do in your lifetime (and yes, your list can contain more than 50 things.) You can share your list with the public or make it private, read other’s lists and goals, and even take suggestions from the website’s standard list. I’ve had list there for YEARS now, and I love it – it inspires me for the future.

Check out my list here – if you’re interested – and create your own list, too! (Share the link to your list here if you’re willing… I’d love to read it!)