Keep Working on That Bucket List…

I recently posted about creating your own bucket list, or list of things you hope to do and accomplish in your lifetime. I’ve had my list for about six years now – but my challenge for you today and this week is not to make the list, but to actually work on it!

It’s very easy for things to fall to the side in our busy lives. I made my list years ago and immediately began working on some of the smaller, more easily-accomplished tasks.

Then… I pretty much forgot about it, picking things up every once in a while to check the list and see if I’d somehow accomplished one of the tasks without even thinking about it.

More often that not, I hadn’t, and then I’d realize that yes, I actually had to work in order to accomplish the goals, even the smaller ones.

This past weekend, I was able to check something off the list that had been on there since July 2006. That goal? Get a tattoo. It was a relatively small accomplishment that didn’t actually require a lot of work on my part – just a bit of money and a heap of courage – but the great feeling I got when I was able to check that off is absolutely irreplaceable, and I can only imagine how great the feeling will be when I accomplish some of the more taxing goals on the list.

So: get motivated, be excited about the future, revisit your goals list. Edit them. Things change, YOU change, and maybe there’s things you wanted to do in the past that seem irrelevant now. Maybe there’s new hopes and dreams you have to add to the list. Don’t let it just sit there – get up, get moving, and do something!


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