A Weekend in the 412: Easter in Pittsburgh

11146265_10204422160498141_3980595832906960450_nLast weekend, I ventured out for my first-ever Easter weekend away from home — off to the sweet spot of the 412, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

This was far from my first time in the ‘Burgh, though my traveling companion (my significant other) had never really been to the city, aside from driving through. I was eager and excited to show off as many things as I could about this wonderful city that I’ve been visiting since I was a child.

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Off To Pittsburgh, We Go

I’ve been visiting Pittsburgh ever since I was a kid; some of my earliest memories are trips to the 412; leaving at 3 in the morning so we wouldn’t hit traffic, that beautiful skyline, my aunt’s house and doing all sorts of things with her. Even visits to Sarris’, a boat ride on the Gateway Clipper and a trip to Raccoon State Park are things that I can still pull up in my memory box from time to time. And even though I’ve been going there for a lot of my life, every trip is still just as valuable as the last, and each time I go, I bring home so many wonderful memories.

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