Detroit and Windsor, October 2014

After planning a trip for so many months, it’s always a little depressing when you return home and realize it’s over. That’s how I felt after returning from my trip to Detroit and Windsor. That trip was an incredible adventure that saw me visit many new places, including the state of Michigan for the first time, as well as some new parts of the province of Ontario.

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Dear Megabus/Greyhound, WTF. – No Love, Me

Anyone who’s either known me or followed this blog long enough knows that I travel via bus on a fairly regular basis. As someone without a driver’s license, and with the price of cars, gas, and the like, it’s just pretty easy to hop a bus and rely on them to take me where I want to go. Whether it’s Toronto, NYC, Pittsburgh or elsewhere, I usually don’t mind taking the bus places.

In the past two weeks, I did two bus trips. First was a round-trip to Philadelphia via Megabus; the next, a trip to Detroit and Windsor (and home) via Greyhound. Overall, these trips were wonderful, but they were lessened slightly by extremely aggravating bus situations.

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