The Winter Wonderland in Western New York

B25FpqYIMAEf68s  Ahh, winter in the wonderful world of Western New York. Well – technically it’s still autumn, as winter doesn’t begin for another month, on December 21, but you get the idea. The snow has officially begun falling in Buffalo and the surrounding areas, temperatures have hit below freezing for long periods of time, and it feels more like winter than fall out there.

But have no fear. Even though the snowflakes are falling and temperatures dropping, there’s still plenty to do in the Buffalo area. I’ve compiled this list for those of us who are looking to shake out of that cabin fever, maybe try something new, or revisit an old adventure.

Either way, there’s no excuse for staying home throughout the winter in the 716 — plenty to do and plenty to see…. provided there’s no travel ban, that is. If that’s the case, please stay home and obey the laws, of course. But provided the streets are clear and you’ve got the green light, get out there and enjoy the winter wonderland of Western New York.

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The Revitalization of Buffalo

(Photo: Melissa Kania)
(Photo: Melissa Kania)

I’m proud to say that I am from Buffalo, New York.

Everyone has their own conceptions of what Buffalo is about. Ask people who aren’t from here and they’ll say things like: the winters, snow, Lake Erie, being close to Canada, less-than-stellar sports teams, chicken wings, etc.

While those things may or may not be true, there are also plenty of other things that are a part of my city. It’s the City of Good Neighbors and the Queen City, and I’m happy to be here. Right now, there is a lot of development going on in Buffalo, and these various projects are really helping to boost the economy, morale and vision of the city; revitalizing Buffalo is a great task and I am so happy to be here to see it occur.

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