On Minimalism & the Ideas Behind It

Recently, I watched a phenomenal documentary on Netflix about minimalism. It’s called Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things, and it focusesd on two guys, Joshua and Ryan, who called themselves The Minimalists.

Realistically – and I have to be realistic here – I don’t think I could ever fully, truly become a minimalist. (But who knows, maybe I could!)┬áBut that doesn’t mean I didn’t take a lot of out of the documentary.

Most of us, in today’s age, have a lot of “stuff,” most of which we don’t need and half of which we probably don’t even use. That’s the first point that struck a chord with me. I look around my apartment, and all I see is stuff. I have so many clothes, half of which are t-shirts packed away in sealed bins that I’ve barely opened in the nearly two years I’ve lived here. I have so many books cluttering up the shelves, books I haven’t touched in years but can’t seem to part with. (To be fair, I had a lot MORE books before I moved, and donated probably 1/3 of my collection to charity at that time.) And then, of course, there’s the other stuff, like decorative items, that are probably cute but in the end, sit around and collect dust.

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