Book Review: “Everyday Sexism” by Laura Bates

Perhaps one of the most important, eye-opening books you can read on the topic, I suggest everyone pick up a copy of Laura Bates’ “Everyday Sexism,” which builds off the website and associated social media accounts.

Sexism is rampant these days, whether you experience it every day or not. I particularly think this book would be a crucial read for anyone who doesn’t, or thinks they don’t, experience sexism. There were a lot of little gem quotes in this book, which is littered with examples from real women and men around the world of their experiences with sexism.

From being catcalled on the street to being harassed at work, from lower-level offenses to the most serious stories of harassment and assault…. this book will open your eyes to what women (and men, to a lesser degree) are experiencing around the world. From tales of Internet harassment (thanks, social media) to how that can reach over into the non-virtual world…. this book covers a little bit of everything, including how varying groups can experience different levels of sexism, including sexism intertwined with other things like racism, ableism, homophobia, etc. I found it to be a very thorough read, if an incredibly sad one. It’s hard to read all the stories and see what people experience in these categories around the world, to feel the pain, the embarrassment… and to connect that to what we’ve felt in our own lives.

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