The BEST Thing You Can Do For Your Email Inbox

It’s amazing how much email I get nowadays. While I never want to be that person who’s constantly attached to their inbox, it’s almost like you have to check your email regularly, or it’ll pile up and become overwhelming and unbearable.

But do you ever think about how much of the email that comes into your inbox is just plain garbage?

Seriously. Look at your inbox right now. How many of those emails are you going to open, and how many will you trash without even clicking on them? Of those you do open, how many will you actually read, as opposed to just skimming and then tossing them? And how many will you reply to?

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Are You Obsessed With Your Email?

Let me ask you a question. How often do you check your email?

If you’re like most people, you’ll probably say “every day.” Honestly, I can’t imagine going a day *without* checking my email. But upon further reflection, I… honestly think I check my email *TOO* much. I’ve been trying to take stock of my little habits, and lately, that’s the one I’ve noticed.

Wake up, get ready for work, check my email. Then maybe an hour later, check my email again. It can literally be ten minutes later and there I am, logging into Google again. And again. And again.

Does anyone else do that?

Okay, I don’t think I’m really obsessed. I think it’s just become a habit in this tech-crazy world, where we all feel inclined, or maybe even required, to be connected at all times. The phones in our pockets/purses ensure that we’re always dialed in, and make it a hell of a lot easier to keep checking – even if we’re not necessarily expecting any specific correspondence to fly our way.

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Periscope Your Way Around The Globe

11125388_10204603946242671_797934970_nOne minute, I’m sitting on the pier in Chicago, watching the sun set over Lake Michigan. Two minutes later, I’m walking to the bus stop in Hong Kong. Then I’m sailing on the Hudson River, passing the Statue of Liberty and looking back at that gorgeous Manhattan skyline. Next thing I know, I’m in Italy, strolling through the streets and listening to live music.

All the while, I’m sitting on my couch here in Buffalo, New York. It’s not magic or sorcery; I’m not a time traveler, or a “Jumper.” I’ve simply got a device in my hands and a lovely little app called Periscope, that can take me all over the globe without even getting up off my perch.

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