Periscope Your Way Around The Globe

11125388_10204603946242671_797934970_nOne minute, I’m sitting on the pier in Chicago, watching the sun set over Lake Michigan. Two minutes later, I’m walking to the bus stop in Hong Kong. Then I’m sailing on the Hudson River, passing the Statue of Liberty and looking back at that gorgeous Manhattan skyline. Next thing I know, I’m in Italy, strolling through the streets and listening to live music.

All the while, I’m sitting on my couch here in Buffalo, New York. It’s not magic or sorcery; I’m not a time traveler, or a “Jumper.” I’ve simply got a device in my hands and a lovely little app called Periscope, that can take me all over the globe without even getting up off my perch.

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Daily Challenge: A Technology-Free Meal

How many times have you eaten a meal with family or friends, only to have half of the people at the table otherwise distracted by their cell phones? Technology can be a wonderful thing, but… it can also be a pain sometimes. Is there anything more frustrating than trying to sit down and have a nice dinner with someone, only to have them sit there texting, Facebook messaging, Tweeting and Instagraming instead? To be honest – it never really bothered me, and *I* have definitely been that person who uses their phone during dinner…. but I think about it more and more, and in all honesty — it’s pretty dang annoying and slightly disrespectful, and I’m trying to get out of the habit of doing this. To me, it says that you don’t really care about the person you’re sitting down to share a meal with, and you’d clearly rather be somewhere else. Like I said: a little disrespectful.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we all just put our technology away and focused on real, intimate, face-to-face conversation, even if just for one meal?

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