Another Adventure to the Big Apple

Photo: Melissa Kania
Photo: Melissa Kania

It took me 22 and a half years to make my first trip to NYC; that happened last June, when I went for a day-long excursion with my mom. (It was also her first trip.) Having a tendency to be a bit of a wanderlust, I booked a trip for us to return to the city in April, where we’ll be attending a Broadway show and a New York Rangers game.

Of course, that wasn’t enough to satisfy me…. so in a spur-of-the-moment decision back in late, late December, I bought a pair of Megabus tickets to visit NYC in February. I figured, hell, I’ll find SOMEONE to go with me, and they were at a reasonable price, so… why not! I asked my friend Liz to go with me and… that was that.

So at 3:15 am this past Saturday, my best friend and I hopped a bus to the Big Apple for a day-long adventure and a gorgeous day in an incredible city.

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