Daily Challenge, July 18

Today’s challenge might take you two minutes to complete; it might take you an hour. No matter the time, this task is designed to help get ONE thing off your plate, because let’s face it – we’re all busy people, with a million things to do at once.Today, I’m asking you to do one thing that you’ve been “meaning to.”

We all have those things – we say “Oh, I have to do this” and then put it off to the side until it’s convenient or we have free time (what’s that?!). It might be returning a phone call, filing some paperwork, cleaning the car or finishing a project. We have good intentions to do the task, but other things get in the way and it falls to the side. Even though it falls to the side, it’s never really out of our minds – instead, it lies there, nagging at us, saying “Do me!”

Well – today is the day to do it. Identify one task you’ve been ‘meaning to do’ and, well, do it.

My example? I wear glasses, but I haven’t had my eyes checked/glasses replaced in about three and a half years. Since summer began, I’ve been ‘meaning to’ call the doctor and schedule an appointment, but hadn’t done it. Why not? I can’t answer that – I just didn’t do it. So yesterday, I finally stopped saying “I’ll call soon, I’ll call soon” and I called. (Surprisingly, I was able to get an appointment for tonight!)

Now, that’s one less thing I have to think about. If we can all just do one thing today that we’ve been ‘meaning to,’ it could make quite a difference. Of course, you’ll have to actually do it to see.


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