Another challenge for you today…

Alright – this isn’t the “daily” challenge since we’ve already covered that, but here’s a little health challenge for you… if you’re up for it!

Do you drink a lot of coffee? Maybe soda is more your “thing.” These beverages are okay in moderation, but drinking too many cups of coffee or too many 20-oz. bottles of soda isn’t healthy. Think sugar, caffeine, and empty calories, not to mention more often than not, you’re drinking those things when you could be drinking better things.

I challenge you to pick one such beverage that you might be a bit too hooked on – coffee or soda – and replace it with water. If you tend to REALLY overdo it each day, take the challenge for just one day. If you honestly aren’t hooked on either, try doing it for a week.

Each time you want to get a cup of coffee or soda, drink water instead. No calories, no fat, no calcium, no sugar, but refreshing and essential for human life. Replenish yourself and, if you’ve been able to do it for a day or a week, try pushing it a little longer.


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