Daily Challenge: July 28th

I know, I know. I’ve been slacking – and I have no excuse, considering I’ve basically sat around the house most of the past two days and done nothing except watch Teen Wolf and eat too much chocolate. Ah well – on to today’s challenge!
Today’s daily challenge is to walk somewhere. Make it within reason and don’t over-exert yourself, of course. Take water along and wear weather-appropriate clothing. (Oh, and I wouldn’t recommend or endorse walking in a thunderstorm or anything like that.)

Just walk somewhere that you would normally bus or drive to. Sure, it will take longer – but don’t think about the time. You’re giving up some time, but giving yourself some time to think, decent exercise, a chance to try out proper breathing techniques for said exercise, plus it’ll boost your energy and make you feel good!

Yesterday, I had such an urge to walk somewhere. I ended up walking to Target, which is 2.0 miles from my house. It took me 40 minutes and it really wasn’t a bad walk, and I felt good after completing it. I took the walk somewhat early in the day, when it was in the low 70s and cloudy – perfect weather. The sun wasn’t beating on me, I wasn’t TOTALLY dying in the heat, yet I got in a good amount of exercise and it felt good.

(Okay, yes, I did take the bus back home – but in my defense, by that time, the sun was out in full-force and if I had walked home, I would have certainly been sunburnt to a crisp.)


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