Your Challenge for Today…

Today’s challenge might require a bit more work than you think – but I promise, it will be worth it….Think about an average day of yours. Now, think about how¬†honest you are – in every facet of your life. As human beings, we all lie at one point or another; sometimes, it could be a big thing (“No, I didn’t hit the trash can with your bike!”) where other times, it might be something so small you don’t even really think of it as a lie, or a non-truth (“Of course you look great in that!”).

For instance, I want you to think about your friends, or family. When someone says or does something that upsets you or rubs you the wrong way, do you mention it to them? Or do you just let it go and know that they most likely didn’t mean to hurt you, and hope that they don’t do it again?

My challenge for you today is to be more honest, a little at a time. This is something I’ve really been working on – in the past, I tend to let little things bother me and build up and create this tension inside my mind. I’ve been working on it though – speaking my mind and being more honest, and telling people when something bothers me.

Honesty is a valuable thing and it could make a huge difference. Yes, it’s true that sometimes the truth hurts, but I’m not saying that you need to go blurting out EVERY truth all the time starting this very minute. Just work on it, the small things, and you’ll feel more clear and free.


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