Canandaigua: A Breath of Fresh Air

Photo: Melissa Kania

This weekend I had the pleasure of visiting the Canandaigua area for the first time – and what a wonderful trip it was.Canandaigua is now the third Finger Lake that I’ve seen in my lifetime. I visited Conesus several years ago, and passed by Seneca on my recent trip to York, PA, as my bus went through Geneva.

My aunts and I stayed at Onanda by the Lake, a bed and breakfast in Canandaigua, about 15 miles from the top of the lake. What a view! The B&B is up on a hill, so even from the front porch, you’ve got a view of the lake just across the street.

I stayed in the Garden Room, while one of my aunts took the Lakeview suite and the other aunt took the Woodlands suite. The bed was comfortable, each room has a fridge & Keurig machine, and the suites have an attached bathroom. My room did not have an attached bathroom – it was across the hall, but it had a great view!

We sat on the porch at night and watched the lake, the sunset and then got to see the stars. (There aren’t any streetlights, so it gets pretty dark!)┬áDuring breakfast on Saturday, we were able to sit in the dining room and see the lake the entire time, and even got to see a seaplane take off and land.

While we were only in Canandaigua for about 24 hours, I think we did a lot. Friday, we went to the Granger homestead (separate post about that coming soon!) and had an absolutely lovely dinner at the Bristol Harbour Resort. The photo at the top of this piece is a photo of our view during dinner. Wow! If you ever go there, be sure to sit outside if you can – the view is unbeatable.

The Resort is great, if not a bit expensive and with a somewhat limited dinner menu. I had a grilled vegetable cannelloni, served with Boursin cheese and a sweet corn cream sauce. It was delicious, and our entire table also got a free helping of rolls, which were irresistible. It’s safe to say I had one too many because they were just THAT good.

I rarely finish a meal at a restaurant, usually taking 1/3 of it home – but I finished my entire meal, and even managed to find room for a slice of chocolate cake to top it off, so that says a lot.

If you’re in the area, Onanda Park is also wonderful. It’s just a five minute walk from the bed & breakfast where we stayed, and it’s got cabins for rent, a beach volleyball area, a swimming area, a seasonal boat launch and plenty of space for picnics or to just sit and enjoy the lake.

Saturday after breakfast and checking out, we visited Sonnenberg Gardens & Mansion, also in Canandaigua. (Again, another post about that coming shortly!) It was wonderful, albeit hot, but a very neat place.

A stop at Eddie O’Brien’s in Canandaigua for lunch (it’s sort of a sports bar, sort of a restaurant, with very good food and a great variety!) was the last stop before we headed home. Rather than take the highway route, we elected for the backroads way through Avon – with a stop at Tom Wahl’s for ice cream – and Mumford, etc., all the way back to Buffalo.

It’s just about two hours from Buffalo, and it’s amazing that such a wonderful, relaxing place is really not that far away from the hype of the city. It’s great to just get away, even for the 24 hours, go somewhere different and take a break from all the hustle & bustle of everyday life.

Step out of your routine – we all have one, whether we realize it or not – and step away from everything. Try something new, and enjoy yourself.


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