Your Challenge: September 10th

First of all, let me apologize once again for slacking off on these posts, particularly the daily challenges but even just posting in general. I’ve been a bit busy but nonetheless, it’s my own responsibility to be posting here and I haven’t… oops!

Nonetheless, let’s start off today, a bright & early Monday morning, on a good note. It’s still *technically* summer, as autumn doesn’t begin until the 22nd, but here in Buffalo, the weather outside certainly has the ‘fall’ feeling to it. It was just 55 degrees this morning when I woke up – enough to throw on a hoodie and bring that familiar comfort back to life.

Today’s challenge is one that may, in some form, relate to the changing of the seasons. Curious?

As the seasons change, so does everything else. As fall approaches, the leaves on the trees begin to change colors, bringing out a rainbow of natural beauty. A crisp chill in the air leads to warm sweaters, cooler evenings, pumpkin-flavored EVERYTHING, and generally, a different spirit from the carefree one of summer.

Keeping that in mind, I want YOU to recognize that as the seasons change, so can everything else – if you want it to. Just as the leaves change colors and start anew, you can do that as well. If there are things in your life holding you back, release them. If there are things in life you want to become closer to, or hold more dearly, go for it.

Now is the time for change, if you want it. All you have to do is embrace it, just as we embrace the impending autumn season with our pumpkin-flavored coffees and cardigan sweaters to keep us cozy.

This challenge for you is to remember that your story is not over, and you can always start fresh.


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