Noticing the little things…

How often do we only look at the ‘bigger picture’ of something – a scene, a situation in our own lives, a photo? Allowing our brains to absorb only the biggest and most obvious details often leaves something to be desired. By not only wrapping our heads around a big picture but also taking time to notice and appreciate small details, we can get a better view of the world, what needs to change and how to change it.

This isn’t so much of a daily challenge, but for once, if you’re reading this – try to focus on the little details of things in your life.

I’ll give you an example. I ride the same bus route on a regular basis to work; I also take that same route to many other places, and I’m pretty used to what I see on the way – houses, buildings, bus stops, the cars, specific places.

This morning, I noticed two things I’d never focused on before. One was the top of a building – sure, I’d seen the building before, but how had I missed that the top of it was basically crumbling? Another was a different building; a city-owned facility with MANY windows missing. I never noticed quite how many were gone, and how each one that’s gone is neatly and cleanly out.

Did these observations particularly do anything for me? Well, no, not really. But paying attention the little things and small details COULD make a difference; it could be catching a mistake in something crucial, noticing a detail that needs to be fixed to prevent bigger problems from forming, or appreciating the way someone says or does something for you.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by a bigger picture, but every once in a while, take a look at the little things and appreciate them, too.


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