Movie Review: The Internship

I’m not a huge fan of paying $10 to go sit in a theater for two hours to watch a movie that may be great or may very well be awful, so it’s got to be a pretty special occasion when I do go. Last week, I went to the movies one day and saw two films, back-to-back. The first movie I saw was The Bling Ring, which you can read my review of here. After a short break, I then went to go see The Internship.

Why did this movie interest me? Dylan O’Brien. Yep, it’s that simple. As a fan of the MTV show Teen Wolf, I’ve grown to love Dylan, so naturally I had to go see him on the big screen, even if I wasn’t initially that interested in the plot of the movie.

The Internship would end up being a funny movie that I enjoyed. I’m not sure it was worth $10, but hey – what have I got to lose, other than a few bucks and a few hours that I’d probably spend trying to beat that stupid level of Candy Crush I’ve been stuck on for weeks.

The movie told the story of two adult men (Vince Vaughn & Owen Wilson) who lose their jobs and go searching for a new opportunity. Dealing with dead-end replacement jobs and an angry spouse, it isn’t easy. One of them eventually finds out about an internship program at Google, and they’re somehow able to squeeze through the initial interview process and make it to a sort of “boot camp” for the program. Basically, the premise is: all the candidates come together for a period at Google headquarters, where they’re put through all sorts of tests and training. At the end, only one group of hopefuls will be offered an internship at Google.

Vaughn & Wilson’s characters are, of course, significantly older than most of the other applicants. Their age isn’t the only factor, either – their complete lack of technological aptitude can’t be ignored in a world of tech-savvy college students, and it definitely provides a challenge or two…. (or many).

Without going into all the details, it was a solid film that had a little bit of everything you could ask for. Funny moments, the serious moments, jokes, sarcastic characters, classic nerds, an angry wife, a jerk brother-in-law, drunken rampages, and a feel-good ending that wrapped everything up nicely. Oh, and of course the classic Quidditch scene. (Wait, what?)

As for Dylan: He doesn’t appear right in the beginning of the film, so it took a while for me to get excited about the movie. But once he appears, he’s in it for good. It was great to see him in a different role than Stiles on Teen Wolf, and he brings a lot to the film with his sarcastic, laid-back, couldn’t-care-less attitude. (And okay, maybe I could see a bit of myself in his character, who can’t seem to put his cell phone down, tapping away at it the entire movie.)


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