Embrace Your Independence

July 4th is all about celebrating America’s independence. I’m all about national pride – and extremely proud to be an American – but today? Today is July 5th, and today, I want you to focus on your independence.

So – what exactly do I mean by that?

Well, I want you to think about it. There’s probably something holding you back in SOME aspect of your life. Whether it’s a crappy relationship, a dead-end job, self-esteem issues, concerns about what other people think… whatever it is, today is your independence day. Today is the day where YOU step out your box – even if just for a day – and do something to take control of your life.

Some days, it might feel like life is spinning out of control. Some days, it might feel like everyone else has a say in your life except you! But not today – today, you take charge, you take control, and YOU be the person you want to be.

For me, my independence means taking risks, taking chances, doing things I have been too scared to do in the past. My anxiety has been a stressor and controller in my life for far too long. While I know I can’t fully take charge of all that in one day, I can do it for one day. It means agreeing to spend time with people who I know are good for me, but who bring me out of my box and push me to become the person I really want to be. And yeah, that’s scary, but this is me claiming my independence from that fear.

So I want you to do that, too. Whatever’s holding you back – don’t let it stop you today. If it works and you feel good, don’t let it stop you tomorrow, either. Or the next day. Go as long as you can, be strong, be independent and be YOU.


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