The Power of Time

Do you ever stop and think about how much time can do? It’s so incredibly powerful. Time can throw your life into a completely different direction, or it can change nothing. Sometimes, time can bring you back to where you were a period of time ago, whether in the same circumstances or different. Time can bring people back into your life who you thought you’d lost touch with ages ago; it can also take people out of your life that you imagined would always be there. Time can heal wounds, but it can also create new ones. Times can give you the power to do whatever you want to accomplish.

The power of time is just astounding. It’s interesting to reflect back on things and see how much has changed – or hasn’t – in any period of time. Do you ever sit down and reflect?

I do it quite often. Last week, I sat down and realized how much my life has improved in past nearly year. My attitude towards life has improved; my concept of my SELF has become stronger and more positive. Many of the people in my life a year ago are no longer in my life today, and I’m perfectly content with that. While all of those things have changed, not everything has, of course. I continue to work at the same job, and live in the same home – so it hasn’t been a complete upheaval in all aspects of my life, just some.

It’s also interesting how time, such a funny thing, can sometimes pull you back and end up doing a 360, dropping you back where you were. A person who I was very close with a year ago, then proceeded to detach from for nearly a year, is now back in my life in a positive manner. Time definitely helped to heal the wounds between us and has allowed to come back together, more mature and responsible and able to speak in a more positive manner. I never imagined that a period of a year would be able to change so much.

I suppose if you take away anything from reading this, it’s just that time can be extremely powerful. Your life could do a 180 or a 360. It may stay the same, it may change and go back, it may completely change. Things may get better, things may get worse, but the fact is that time is always moving and things are always changing, so just give it some time and you’ll see.


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