“Live While You’re Alive”

I went to Toronto for the day yesterday and I was coming home, I saw a quote on a billboard just outside of the city. It really got me thinking and I’d like to share it with you.

“Live while you’re alive.”

Such a simple quote…. just four words and yet, if you think about it, it’s a great, powerful text.

How many of us don’t take advantage of all the opportunities we have in life? How many of us choose to play it safe rather than risk a little here or there? How many of us decide to stay at equilibrium rather than try something that put the scales off balance? How many of us are stuck in routines that we simply can’t escape from, no matter how hard we try? How many of us are living our lives day to day without ever trying anything different?

We are all alive. As long as we’re still breathing – and last I checked, I still was – we all have this beautiful life that we were given, and we should cherish that. Cherish it and USE it and take advantage of that. Don’t sit still, don’t wait for things, and don’t stop yourself from doing the things you want.

Live while you’re alive, as that quote says. Take risks. Try new things, go places, talk to new people. Don’t be afraid – and even if you are, go for it anyways. Look at things from a different perspective. Give someone a chance. Do something wild and crazy; do something you never thought you’d do. Try something NEW for the first time, even if you have no idea how it’s going to turn out. Dye your hair, buy yourself dinner, go out with friends, sleep an extra 15 minutes, try a new restaurant, go for a sport, or just do something outside of your every day routine & normal realm.

Just live, and enjoy life.


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