What’s the Hurry?

One thing I’ve noticed lately is that everyone always seems to be in such a hurry all the time. Rush to do this, hurry through that, this, that, etc. I typically get out of work, rush to pick up my personal belongings and then hurry to go catch my bus home – as if there isn’t another bus in 15 minutes that could get me home, too.

Yesterday, I had to stick around work while I waited for a friend to pick me up so we could head out to Rochester for a concert. I said “Okay, I’ll just take my time getting out of work.” And boy, let me tell you….. it was hard! I realized I’ve become so used to hurrying through things, getting everything done quickly, etc., that it’s almostĀ difficult for me to take my time and slow down.

It was actually hard. I took my time closing down my computer and tidying up my workspace. I took my time gathering my belongings, changing into concert-appropriate attire, and making myself look socially presentable. Still, I had too much time, so I ended up taking a slow walk around the outside blocks of my building. And it was interesting to actually have to push myself to slow down…. but at the same time, it was a nice change from the usual non-stop, constant busy, hurry, go, go, go.

Now, I’m not saying you should move at a snail’s pace. Sometimes, there are time-sensitive tasks that require you to put in the extra effort to be productive in a quick manner. Sometimes, you DO have to hurry to catch that bus or else you won’t be getting home at all that night. But it might be nice sometimes to just slowwwww things down, take your time and don’t hurry yourself through everything.

Life is short as it is…. why are we hurrying to make it even shorter?


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