Project 365: Complete.

After having it on my bucket list for several years, I can finally say now that I’ve completed my Project 365 initiative. One photo each day for a year…. and I’ve done it! It wasn’t easy at times, some days I struggled to figure out what to do my photo of, but now that I’m done, I just wanted to collect some quick thoughts on the project.

Some days were easy. Those were the days when I was busy and had things going on, whether it was a hockey game, a concert or a vacation. The photos for those days were no-brainers and made the project super easy. The struggling days were those where I didn’t do anything of significance, or all I did was work and go straight home. I couldn’t very well take the same photo every day, so I really had to get creative. This project pushed me to take more walks around the area and see different things in order to get different photos on these days.

This past year saw me through a lot, including:

  • Several concerts, including Warped Tour, Demi Lovato, Big Time Rush, Ke$ha, Cody Simpson
  • Many, many hockey games in various cities (Buffalo, Rochester, Toronto, Erie, etc.)
  • Lots of different food
  • Three trips to New York City
  • A trip to Washington, DC and Arlington, VA
  • The birth of my youngest nephew (and his first year!)
  • An internship with the Red Cross
  • My first times donating blood and horseback riding
  • Several other sporting events, including a Jays game in Toronto, two football games & a lacrosse game
  • Getting my first full-time job
  • ….. and more!

It’s really neat now to look back over those 365 photos and see all that happened. As I said, some photos are more interesting than others. Some days, I dreaded trying to force myself to find a photo to take. But other days, it was really fun, and I had a number of photos to pick from for a single day. Either way, it was a neat project and I’m glad I was able to stick to it. My mom asked me if I was going to start it up again, and I said…. not right away. I think I should take a little break and then maybe I will do it again someday.

For now, it feels weird to not have to think about a photo every day.


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