Daily Challenge: Write A Letter (Yes, A Real One)

It’s been a while since I tried to do any “Daily Challenge” posts, but I’d like to start them back up. These posts are designed to inspire readers to: feel better about themselves, improve their lives and the lives of others, be more positive, feel energetic and feel truly alive!

Today’s challenge: write a letter. A real, pen-and-paper, old-fashioned letter. It can be to anyone: your spouse, your cousin, a best friend, an old friend, your child, your parent… write them a letter. Talk about your day, your life; your current mindset, what you’re feeling; your plans for the rest of the week. If you haven’t spoken to them in a while, figure out why and talk about it. Ask how they are, too, of course.

Whether or not you actually send the letter is up to you, but ideally, I’d hope you would send it. Yes, I know stamps are increasing in price every day, but c’mon. A piece of paper, an envelope and a stamp likely won’t break the bank and could help you reconnect – or connect deeper – to someone in your life. In a modern age absolutely flooded with technology (and there’s nothing wrong with technology!), it’s just nice sometimes to receive a handwritten letter from someone. It shows that you took the time and initiative to sit down and figure out what you wanted to say – after all, you can’t just press “backspace” if you want to erase something.

And who knows, maybe the person will even write back to you. Maybe they won’t. Maybe, your old best friend from high school will think it’s a bit weird that you wrote them a letter to reconnect all these years later. Maybe your old friend who you fought with those years ago won’t even open the letter and will simply toss it away.

But maybe, just maybe, it’ll help you in some small way, even if you choose not to hit “Send.” (Err, wait. I mean, fold the letter, put it in an envelope, seal it, stamp it and address it. Wow, it’s a bit more work to send a physical letter than an e-mail, isn’t it? It’s well worth it, though.)


One thought on “Daily Challenge: Write A Letter (Yes, A Real One)

  1. I started to journal and stopped I am starting to write again I know it is not the same as writing a letter to someone but for me I am hoping journaling will help me feel better about myself and being positive I suffer from anxiety and depression I am going to counseling but writing I might do down the road for now I will journal

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