Album Review: “Confident” by Demi Lovato


Here we go – my first ever album review! I’ve never really done one of these before, but I figured… why not? So here we are.

Demi Lovato recently released her newest album, and it’s a powerful one, appropriately titled “Confident.” The title track leads us off with what I can only describe as a power anthem. Confidence nowadays is often looked down upon, as if it always makes someone “cocky” or otherwise less-than-appealing to be around.

This is especially true in women; society today teaches women, conditions women, almost, NOT to be confident. “It’s not okay to call yourself pretty,” or “you think you look good today? Think again.” This song combats all of that and says there is absolutely nothing wrong with being confident – so let your true self show and be a total and complete badass about it.

We follow up that song with “Cool for the Summer,” which was released earlier in the year as the album’s first single. It’s a fun, lighthearted pop song that tells us as listeners not to take ourselves too seriously. Though summer is now well over for most of us (here in Buffalo it feels more like winter than autumn), it’s still a fun one.

The third track is one of those that gets deeper. “Old Ways” is a powerful song with a message about not going back. This obviously relates back to Demi’s past struggles, and how she’s not going back to her old ways. As someone who’s also had struggles in the past, I can relate — and this song comes off as a badass “Screw that, I’m not moving back, I’m moving forward… right now” titles.

“And the best part about it is I’m the only one who can do anything about it” just about sums that one up. It’s Demi’s life now and only she can control where she goes from this point, and the same can be said for any listener.

We move on to “For You,” which speaks on dedication and how much that can mean, even if the person who you’re so dedicated to isn’t giving you anything back in return — and how painful that can be.

“Stone Cold” slows things down a little bit in an emotional tune before it’s followed up with “Kingdom Come,” a more upbeat title. This might be one of my favorite titles on the album so far.

“Waitin for You” starts off sounding like a heartbreak song, but turns into something much more powerful.

That song is followed up by “Wildfire,” which slows things down a little to start up. Demi’s sheer vocal talent is on full display in this song, and it’s incredible to hear. (Of course, nothing can compare to seeing her live in concert, but that’s another point entirely.)

Track #9 is “Lionheart,” which I can’t quite call a ballad but once again wonderfully displays Lovato’s vocal strength. Next up is “Yes,” another one of my favorites, followed by “Father,” an absolutely emotionally raw display that takes a hell of a lot of confidence to put out.

“Stars” speeds things up significantly, keeping the album moving. This is pretty much the definition of a “confident” song: “We really don’t need the light, ’cause we’re stars tonight.”

The last new song on the album is “Mr. Hughes,” which only appears on the deluxe edition, apparently. I’ll drop just one line from this song: “I forgive but can’t forget your mistakes.”

The album wraps up with two remixes of “Cool for the Summer.”

Overall, Demi’s newest album “Confident” is an aptly-titled display of confidence. It’s raw, it’s bare, it’s emotionally-charged and likely classified as Lovato’s best album to date. I can’t wait to see what else she comes out with in the future.


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