Wedding Review: Buffalo, NY

Hello, hello, hello!

As you may have noticed – or maybe not – I got married! As a result, my name has changed & so has the URL to this blog. Thanks to the nifty WordPress, you can still visit, but it’ll redirect you to my new domain:!

Before I talk about all the wonderful experiences I had on my honeymoon trip to New England, I wanted to write up a quick post referencing some of the local (Buffalo, NY) businesses I worked with for my wedding and my after-thoughts.

The Venue/Food

After our ceremony at our church – which went perfectly – our reception was held at Beginnings Banquets in Sloan, NY. Beginnings is run by the family who runs Kiebzak’s Restaurant, which is located just in front of the building. I’d been to the restaurant several times before, including for a baby shower and several wedding showers, so I already knew the food was great. The wedding hall is perfect as well. You’ve got a nice hallway walking in, with a lounge area with couches to the side, and then there’s the actual hall itself, which can be split into two smaller areas if need be.

Honestly, the price & value was phenomenal and the food was spectacular. We had roast beef as well as chicken (stuffed with broccoli & cheese), mashed potatoes, salad, two vegetables and fresh rolls. Before dinner, there were appetizers including fresh vegetable trays and pepperoni trays. They also provided four hours of open bar as well as ice cream with our cake. Service was great too; they always make sure everyone has enough food, and everything is served family-style. In addition, the staff was great to work with both before & during the big event, and I’m really glad that is where we had our reception.

The Music/Atmosphere

I honestly feel like the music can make or break a wedding. Thankfully, ours made it! I cannot recommend them enough – we went with Saxman Slim for our reception, and it was incredible. For those who don’t know, they start off with playing the live saxophone during cocktail hour and dinner, then switch to DJing after that. It really added a special touch to our special day and I’m *still* getting rave reviews about it!

The Photographers

We found B & G Wedding Photography online and, after meeting with them, decided to go for it. While we won’t see our full set of photos for a few weeks, I think we made the right choice. Brian & Tiffany were excellent – and easy – to work with and it made our lives easier. They were great up until the day of the wedding, and really helped everything go smoothly on that day. Brian focuses more on the posed photos, while Tiffany grabs more of the candids – and I’m itching with anticipation to see our final shots, I just know they’re going to be amazing! They really made me feel special on that day and I really enjoyed working with them.

The Limo

For our transportation needs on the wedding day, we worked with Advantage Limo. I’d read several reviews of their work, and I have to agree with one I read: they’re not the easiest folks to get ahold of, but everything on the day of went smoothly as planned.

We originally booked them at a bridal expo several months before our event and paid a roughly 50 percent deposit, with the remainder due one week before the event. Phone calls weren’t the easiest with them; it was mostly leave a voicemail & wait. We mostly stuck to email – sending our confirmed itinerary (times of pickup, places, etc) that way. I also ended up emailing them about two weeks ahead of the event to confirm the amount due with tax, and it took them almost a week to get back to me. I sent the check, then two days before the wedding got an email telling me I owed a different amount – and acting as though they hadn’t received the check yet, throwing me into a panic as to whether or not I’d have *any* transportation on the day of. (I also don’t appreciate e-mail responses from a business that are literally just “OK,” but that’s just me.)

In the end – it all did work out. We had the Mercedes Executive Sprinter for our bridal party transportation, then had a Benz pick us up at the end of the night. The drivers were great – in fact, they always arrived EARLY, patiently waiting, which is exactly what I like.

However – I will say – it’s been 10 days since the event and they still have yet to cash my final check, which I can only assume they received since I never got any calls indicating I still owed them. I mean, if y’all want my money….. please take it.


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