I Guess It’s Time to Get Political

The original FB post.Well, I wasn’t planning on getting political over here, but I want to share this. And hey, this *is* my website after all!

Okay, I’ve tried to not post anything political, but I can’t be quiet anymore. I saw a post shared on my Facebook feed last night and it absolutely infuriated me, so it’s time to unpack everything that’s wrong with this, and with Trump as a candidate. (See a screenshot of the post I wrote this in response to, to the left.)

You don’t care that he called a woman fat? Cool. How about the fact that he LITERALLY said it is okay to sexually assault a woman? One in every six American women has been sexually assaulted at one point in her life. Trump’s comments, and people who think like he does, are not okay by any means! That line of thinking is why we have people like Brock Turner in our world. So hey, if you’re not okay with Brock Turner (which please, tell me you aren’t) and you’re not okay with things like rape, you should definitely not be excusing Trump’s comments.

While we’re on the topic – a woman (or man!) embracing their sexuality, or having CONSENSUAL sex, is not equivalent to sexual assault!!!! A woman should be free to make the CHOICE of modeling for Victoria’s Secret if she wants to. If you’re not comfortable with it, it’s your decision not to watch, just as it’s her decision to participate. Sexual assault – what Trump was talking about – is NON-CONSENSUAL AND IS NEVER OKAY BY ANY MEANS. And no, it doesn’t matter if he spoke those words privately. Not one bit. (Keep in mind that he has also been accused of rape multiple times, including at least one underage case, and was reported as ‘walking unannounced into dressing rooms at Miss Teen USA’ — walking in on undressed contestants AS YOUNG AS 15.)

In addition, the sexualization (which is not necessarily the same as degradation & those things need to be discussed separately) of women in rap music/etc. IS NOT EQUIVALENT TO SEXUAL ASSAULT EITHER. Earlier this week, someone shared a meme that basically equated the reading of Fifty Shades of Gray, a fictional piece of fantasy literature, to sexual assault in real life, in an attempt to say that it’s okay. THOSE ARE NOT THE SAME THINGS!!! That’d be like me stealing your car and then saying “Well, you play Grand Theft Auto, dude. Same thing.” IT’S. NOT. (Of course, the people who think Trump’s words were okay, but are against things like Victoria’s Secret etc. are the same people who think a woman who is raped was ‘asking for it.’) UGH.

It’s also funny to me that the post mentions that Trump “supports the death penalty and is against abortion.” So, you care about protecting unborn lives, so much so that you want to take away the legal rights of a woman, but when we’re talking about the death penalty, well, pfft, they aren’t humans anymore in your eyes & you couldn’t care less. Same goes for those who are pro-life but want to end things like food stamps, welfare, immigration (which I’ll get into in a second), including for those who are often escaping serious situations, etc. Oh, and if that baby you ‘saved’ turns out to be LGBTQ? Well, forget it, you definitely don’t care about them then. Face it: you don’t care about that unborn life, because once it’s born, you shrug & say it’s not your problem.

PS – women were having abortions *long* before it was made legal. The difference now? They’re done SAFELY, not with coat hangers in an alley. This literally saves women’s lives, but hey, you don’t care about that. All you care about is controlling women’s bodies & lives, plain and simple. (This fact can extend to topics like gay marriage, transgender issues, etc.) WHAT SOMEONE ELSE DOES WITH THEIR BODY IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. Y’all were SO concerned when it came to transgender women using the same bathroom as cis women and claimed it was for the ‘safety’ of those cis women, but are silent when someone literally says it’s acceptable to sexually assault a woman. Oh, and y’all care very deeply about police officers (this is not a slight against police officers) but don’t give a shit about the innocent men & women who are injured and killed by them. (Where were y’all when over 100 unarmed black people were killed by police in 2015? Nowhere to be found. But as soon as a black man starts protesting that unjust treatment in a way like Colin Kaepernick did, OH, you sure come out of the woodwork then!)

Newsflash: you don’t care about human lives.

You want him to “enforce” his immigration laws? You clearly don’t recognize the incredible things immigrants have done for our world. Go ahead, try to live a day without using anything invented by an immigrant. That means no jeans, no ATMs, no Google, no processed cheese, no telephone; no bicycles, hair dryers, automatic transmission; no antidepressants, no video games, no rechargeable batteries, etc. Oh, and if you’re going to come back and say “Well, no, I’m only against ILLEGAL immigrants,” well then, I suggest you head back to 1492 and talk to Chris Columbus.

Well, this post certainly turned out longer than I thought it would – and I didn’t even go off on every point I wanted to. Donald Trump is a misogynistic, sexist, xenophobic, racist ass, among so many other things, and I have no respect for anyone who can support putting such an atrocious human being in the White House.


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