50 Reasons I’m Thankful For My Spouse Challenge

This week, clearly part of the American Thanksgiving Holiday, the wonderful folks over at Beating 50 posted this challenge:

“In light of thanksgiving, we wanted to invite you all to join us in making a list of 50 reasons why you are thankful for your husband or wife (or fiancé, boyfriend, girlfriend). Let’s thank our loved one for the little things and the big things! Thankfulness produces joy, and joy is what we want our marriages to be marked by! We hope that our lists of thanksgiving, inspire you to write and share your own with your spouse!”

This was my first Thanksgiving as a married woman, and really our first holiday as a married couple! (We got married in mid-July.) We’ve spent the last few Thanksgivings together, but there was something different about this one. Just knowing that we’re married and we’re really a family now, just made everything feel better, more connected.

So, Beating 50, I’ll take your challenge. Fifty reasons I’m thankful for my husband… here we go!

I am thankful………..

  1. For his hugs, which never fail to make me feel better.
  2. The way he makes me feel – special in a way no one else can.
  3. For his voice, which is truly a God-given gift.
  4. For his smile – it really can light up a room!
  5. For his open-mindedness.
  6. That he is always supportive of me and my endeavors.
  7. That he encourages me to pursue my dreams.
  8. That he is as crazy about hockey as I am.
  9. That he knows how to make me laugh.
  10. That he has a kind heart.
  11. That he genuinely cares about other people.
  12. That he puts other people first.
  13. That he is trustworthy.
  14. That he knows how to calm me down.
  15. That his love of reading seems to match mine.
  16. For his sense of adventure.
  17. For his willingness to go along with some of my crazy plans!
  18. For his random (but wonderful!) knowledge of road signs and all things travel.
  19. That he challenges me.
  20. That he is my best friend.
  21. That, yes, he tells me I’m beautiful – but also that I’m smart, funny, etc.
  22. That he respects me.
  23. That he knows how to be romantic.
  24. For his ability to always make me feel safe.
  25. That I feel at home whenever I’m with him.
  26. For his patience with me; obviously I know I’m not always the easiest to be around!
  27. For his sense of family.
  28. For his warmth, because I’m pretty much always cold.
  29. That he listens to me.
  30. That we can talk about anything.
  31. That he is so good with kids, even if it is fairly new to him.
  32. That he always wants me to be happy.
  33. For his courage.
  34. That he knows who he is & doesn’t apologize for it.
  35. That he doesn’t give up.
  36. That he dreams big.
  37. For his ever-increasing love.
  38. That he makes me feel beautiful.
  39. For how he always makes me feel wanted.
  40. For his gentle nature.
  41. For all of the silly puns he makes.
  42. That he is always willing to take care of me.
  43. For his texts throughout the day that make smile.
  44. That we can have important, deep conversations together, but also..
  45. .. That he knows how to have fun with me, even if it’s a tickle war on the couch.
  46. He always thanks me for making dinner. A small gesture that makes me feel appreciated!
  47. For being proud to be with me.
  48. Saying yes to me, time and time again. Not just the day we got engaged for the rest of our lives.
  49. That he is truly my other half. We make a great team.
  50. That he is my husband. So, so, so thankful.

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