The Navigator’s Council & Beating 50 Percent

For those who aren’t familiar, Beating 50 Percent is a mission started by Jeremy and Audrey Roloff, inspiring couples to give more than 50 percent in their marriages. It’s about having an “above-average” marriage and honestly – I’m all for it. A lot of the mission and its readings are faith-based, which isn’t for everyone, and that’s okay. But the basic principles are about giving more to your spouse, to your marriage.

As part of their mission, the Roloffs created the Navigator’s Council, a weekly journal for couples designed to foster communication, conversation, and commitment.

My husband and I just finished our seventh week using the Navigator’s Council. In a world where things can get crazy and schedules are chaotic, it’s nice to spend even one hour every Sunday together focusing on nothing but our journal. Every week, we answer the same six questions together. It’s a nice way of checking in with one another and setting aside specific time for conversations about what’s bringing us joy, what’s difficult in our lives, and what challenges or stressors we need to deal with together.

Each week there’s also a devotional reading (that’s where the faith-based piece comes in) that provides a foundation for that week, such as trust, boundaries, or oneness.

Obviously the hour or so it takes us weekly to complete our journal isn’t the only time we spend together, but it’s a special sort of time. Between my work schedule, his work schedule, our time with various hockey teams (mostly during season), plus time with family and friends, sometimes it can be challenging to find time together for just the two of us between all the chaos! But this time is special. We’re able to put our phones away and avoid distractions and just have an important conversation about where we are and where we’re going.

My husband and I are very close to our first wedding anniversary (July 16!) and for the past seven weeks, the Navigator’s Council has been SUCH a great tool for communication! It keeps us in touch with one another and allows us to sit down and have an open and honest conversation and leave everything on the table.

I’m heading to two weddings this summer and am planning on giving the Navigator’s Council as a gift at both!


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