Comparing Yourself To Others: A Losing Game

With the near-constant barrage of technology nowadays, it’s easy to fall into the trap of comparing ourselves to others. Whether we’re comparing our bodies, our salaries, our possessions, or something else, this is a losing battle for everyone involved.

A prime example of this: Instagram. As I scroll through my feed, it’s easy to get… well, jealous. Look how in-shape and fit she is. Look how incredible her makeup is. Look at this amazing vacation they went on. Look how successful he is. Look how great they both look in bathing suits. Look how many likes that photo got.

This is inevitably followed by thoughts of jealousy and feeling not “xxx” enough, or feeling too “xxx.” It’s not a great cycle, and it’s one we all need to battle to get ourselves out of. For me, it goes something like “I wish I were as pretty as she is!” “I wish I was that skinny!” “I’m so pale, she’s so tan, look at that!” “Ughhh, they went to <insert city here> and I’m SO JEALOUS!!”

These kinds of thoughts aren’t helping me.

There’s a reason you were born as you, not anyone else. You are living your life, not anyone else’s… and believe it or not, you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be. Each of our journeys in this crazy world is unique, and we have to learn to appreciate that and take advantage of it!

In addition, everyone has their own story, and you may not know their whole story.

Maybe they went on that vacation to celebrate someone being cancer-free. Maybe he had to work three dead-end jobs before he found his success. Maybe she works hard to be in-shape and goes to the gym every day. Maybe they’ve battled an eating disorder in the past. Maybe she had to practice for years before she got her makeup to look that good. The point is, you don’t know the whole story, and you may never. So judging others, or comparing yourself to them, is literally useless.

Comparing yourself to others doesn’t do you any good. It doesn’t do them any good, either. It’s a losing battle that can only help foster feelings of jealousy, not being good/smart/skinny/pretty/tan/etc. enough. So as hard as it may be, stop comparing yourself to others! This doesn’t mean you have to go and delete your Instagram (or whatever tool you’re using), it just means you need to look at things from a different perspective. You can compliment others and be supportive and kind and still admire whatever they’re doing while also realising your own path in life is also amazing!

PS: This blog post was inspired by an Instagram post by Audrey Roloff.


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