Our Texas Travels: Houston, TX

After some exploring around Rosenberg & Richmond, including getting to see some of the places my husband grew up (super neat!), we headed for Houston. I’m so glad we were able to make it to Space Center Houston, in spite of our stomach troubles earlier in the week.

The Space Center was wonderful! There’s so much to do there, but I feel like we covered a lot of it and saw so many great things. Personally, I loved seeing the real stuff – real rocks from the moon & Mars, some of the items found in space, astronaut suits, etc. I’m not so much into the replica items, which just don’t have quite the same touch as knowing something you’re looking at was really in space at one point.

We also ended up doing one of the tours, which was definitely worth it! No additional cost, just some time waiting in line (on a very hot day). It was very neat to see the areas where people are actively working! It really brings a different perspective to things and makes you realize that this isn’t just some dream, or make-believe; it’s a real place, and people are continually working to continue the efforts in space.

I’m admittedly not as “into” space as some people are, and that’s okay. I still found the Space Center absolutely worth it, and recommend it to everyone! Part of me wishes we’d had more time to spend there, but again, I feel like we did cover a little bit of everything, and getting to do the tour helped broaden the scope of things we saw. The only caveat about this place is their limited hours – open until 4 pm! With that being said, we didn’t get as early of a start as we would’ve liked, but still gave ourselves enough time to see what we could.

Perhaps if we go back someday, we’ll take the other tram tour, which goes to the Astronaut Training Facility! But we’ll save that for next time. Honestly, one of my favorite parts was seeing Saturn V. It is H U G E and just… incredible. It’s surreal to think something of that size can go up in space. Truly a wonder of science.

From the Space Center, we drove a bit to Brenham, Texas to have dinner with Ryan’s aunt, uncle & cousins. It was wonderful to see them (again!) and have a nice meal together at Los Cabos, a Mexican grill & steakhouse. Decent restaurant, good food and a little something for everyone! If I ever go back, I’ll have to try one of the stuffed avocados!

Question for my Texas folks: what is it with you guys and ice cream? Nearly every restaurant we visited during our time in Texas offered a free ice cream cone after dinner, dine-in only, vanilla soft-serve. Don’t get me wrong, I’m never going to argue with free ice cream, but I’ve never heard of that before!

Our day ended with a couple of hours in the car, as we made our way to San Antonio. More on what we did there and our final day in Austin as we wrapped up our trip, coming soon! 🙂


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