Learning About the Civil War

After attending the Civil War reenactments a few weekends ago in Mumford, I have to admit my interest in the Civil War and history. was piqued.

I took several history courses throughout school. In high school, it was global followed by AP European History & AP American History. In college, I took two American history courses, as well as a Canadian history course (which I found quite interesting). I considered adding a minor in history of European countries, but it was late in my college career by that point and would have set me back.

Now, however, I find myself intrigued by history once again. Working at a library, I’m surrounded by heaps of books on the topic – so I selected one and have begun reading it. Pictured to the left, this book is all LISTS of facts concerning the American Civil War (1861 – 1865).

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Photos: Civil War Reenactment, 7/14/12

(Photo: Melissa Kania)

After my last post detailing the events of attending my first Civil War reenactment this past weekend at the Genesee Country Village & Museum, I realized that some of you may be interested in viewing my photos! They are viewable to the public (they’re on Facebook, but you don’t need an account or to be logged in to view them). Simply click the photo above to reach the album, and enjoy!

Stepping Back in Time….

(Photo: Melissa Kania)

Allow me to take you back in time to the early 1860s – the time of the American Civil War between the Union and the Confederates. Can you imagine what life was like during that time? How the soldiers – and civilians – dressed, ate, acted and lived? On July 14, I had the pleasure of attending the sesquentennial Civil War reenactment at the Genesee Country Village & Museum in Mumford, NY.

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