History Can Be a Wonderful Thing

I live in an area that is just barely outside the city limits of Buffalo, New York. For all intents & purposes, I’m a resident of the city, even if technically I’m not. I work in the heart of downtown Buffalo, I commute via bus on a daily basis and I’m always out and about venturing around the city.

My daily bus commute to work downtown involves an approximately four-mile stretch of Broadway Street, including going through a community that was once a very Polish area back in the day. Now, it’s filled with many vacant buildings, the infamous Broadway Market and a couple of businesses here and there that still manage to exist.

Yesterday, I came across a website that lists a number of historic buildings in the city of Buffalo. It includes a list of buildings that are considered “at risk,” some that have been lost and others that have been saved. It’s a pretty interesting website. You can view the listings by zip code which allows you to kind of piece things together and look at specific portions of the city, if that’s what you’re trying to do.

A number of listings I found were interesting. Some noted that the building used to be a bank many, many years ago; others noted famous stores, meeting places, etc.

But there was one listing that really caught my eye.

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