Daily Challenge: July 6th

Alright, so I had to skip a few days – with the holiday, and then I was busy literally all day yesterday. But I’m back now, so let’s do this. Today’s daily challenge for you focuses onconfidence, an issue that we all deal with at one point or another in our lives. You’ll notice in the future that a lot of these challenges will focus on confidence, but I promise: each one will be a little bit different.

Today’s challenge to focus on confidence is designed to give you a boost. It’s easy for us to focus on the negatives: the things we can’t do, the times we’ve messed up, the opportunities we’ve lost out on, the things we don’t like about ourselves. While it’s important to recognize those things in order to improve them, it’s much more important to focus on the positives.

All this challenge requires is a piece of paper and a pen. Not a pencil, a pen, because these things need to written in ink.

I want you to number the paper, 1 through 20. Skip a line between each number so you have enough space to write and complete the task. As for time – there’s no limit, but allow yourself one day. You can do this task a little at a time, throughout the day, or sit down and complete it all at once. It all depends on how challenging you find it to complete.

So, what’s the challenge? To fill in each of those numbers with one thing that you like about yourself. This could be a physical feature (something like “I have nice eyes”), it could be something you can do well (“I can sing!”). It can be something you’ve accomplished in life, such as getting a degree or a certain position you thought you couldn’t, or an opportunity that you took advantage of. Anything you like about yourself – but make it a positive. No negativity here!

Take your time, and make it a variety. Once you’ve completed your list, save it. I don’t care if you hang it on a bulletin board for the world to see, fold it up inside your wallet, or put it somewhere in hiding….. just save it. And when you’re feeling down on yourself, pull out that list and read it off, and remind yourself of what a great person YOU are.


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