Daily Challenge: July 31

Today’s daily challenge might seem like an easy one – but it might be more difficult than you think. It applies to both men and women, so take a chance and click ahead to take today’s challenge.

Today’s challenge from me to you is to go one day without looking in a mirror.

Sounds like an odd request, right? I mean – we’re social beings, and it’s almost ingrained in every fiber of our being to care about what we look out. To make sure our shirt is smoothed in the mirror, our hair ‘works,’ things like that. It’s easy for us to spend so much time focusing on our looks in one day that we forget to focus on the other, more important things.

But think of this – how many times do you look in the mirror each day? Can you walk past a mirror without glancing into it, even just to check your hair?

So go one day without looking in a mirror. Use only your eyes and hands to check your shirt for wrinkles, your hair for flyaway strands.

(Nota bene: I wouldn’t suggest doing this challenge on a day that you have a crucial business meeting, or a job interview, or some other professional task that absolutely requires the utmost details in your appearance – because that’s clearly an investment in your future, not just a mindless habit of caring what you look like.)


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