August 2nd: A Challenge

Perhaps I should stop calling these ‘daily challenges’ if they aren’t going to be so daily, but it’s so much catchier, isn’t it?

At any rate- today’s challenge is specifically tailored to a post I’ll be making later in this day.

I want you to pick up a book you’ve never read before. Perhaps it’s one you’ve had on your shelf for a while and have been ‘meaning’ to read but haven’t had the time; maybe there’s a book at your local library you want but just haven’t gotten around to, or maybe you just need pick out a new one.

Pick it out and read it. Give yourself two hours of the day to sit down and just read. Shut down the cell phone, turn off the computer and the television – spend just two hours reading and doing nothing else. Absorb the book, jump into the story and take it all in. Even if you don’t finish the book in that time, which you probably won’t unless it’s a short book and you’re a quick reader, it’ll be good to have just a few hours of solidarity. Then you can finish the book at a leisurely pace over the next days or however long it takes.

Basically, take a break and dive into something different, let all your energy flow into that, and read. READ. READ. READ.


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