The Amazing Thing About Traveling…

Every time I travel, it hits me at one point or another in the journey just how amazing it is. I mean, think about it. My favorite thing to realize when I travel (particularly by bus, such as Megabus, Coach Canada, Greyhound, etc.) is the variety of people onboard with you.

You have no idea where these people could have come from, and you have no idea where they’re going, or the purpose for their travel. One person might be doing the exact same journey as you. Someone might be traveling to a wedding, or to see a newly-born family member. Another person might be traveling for the exact opposite reason – a funeral, or another sad event such as that. Some might be traveling for work. Others, for sporting events, concerts, or just for fun. Some people might be traveling alone, while others are with a friend, family member or loved one. Someone might be going home, while someone else might be running away from home. Someone might be starting a new journey in their life, such as a new job. One person might just be starting their travel, while others may have been traveling for hours or even days.

It’s just incredible to think about that sort of stuff… how these people come from all over the place – could be coming from ANYWHERE and going ANYWHERE for any purpose – and for a short amount of time, you’re connected. Once you reach your destination, you’ll probably never see each other again, you’ll all go off and continue your travels for whatever purpose… but for now, for these moments, there’s that connection, and I just think that’s pretty damn amazing.


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