Live in the Now

Everybody always says “Don’t live in the past.” And that’s extremely true. Living in the past will only screw you up; it’ll make you remember all of your regrets, chastise yourself for your past mistakes, and will ultimately hold you back from where you should be now and from where you will go in the future.

But what about the opposite of that? How many of us live in the future? (And no, I’m not talking about time travel… though that would be neat!) It’s easy to focus on the past; it’s also easy to focus on the future, always doing things simply to get ahead or to accomplish something in the  future.

But…. what about the present?

We’ve all heard the cliches. There’s no time like the present, the present is a gift, blah blah blah. As cliched as it all is, it’s true. So many of us live in the past, looking back on things then, that we forget where we are now. So many of us live in the future, constantly thinking a year, five years, ten years ahead, that we forget to enjoy THESE moments.

These moments are the ones that count the most, right now. You can look toward the future, and have goals and ambitions; those are wonderful things to have. But you have to also think about the now, the present. What you’re doing, where you’re going NOW. Because ultimately, the present is absolutely, definitely going to affect your future, and you should enjoy the moments as they come, rather than looking back on them as moments in the past.

Live in the now. Say yes to things. Enjoy time with friends and family. Do something not because it’ll be good for you in the future, but because it will make you happy now. Go somewhere not so you can get ahead in life, but so you can enjoy it in the present time.

Enjoy the path your life is on. If you don’t enjoy it, redirect it. Don’t let it become a thing of the past that you look upon and regret. Live in the now so you don’t end up looking back in the future and having doubts. Don’t stress out over the future; it will inevitably come even though it isn’t guaranteed, so you should enjoy the moments life gives you now, because they are the only ones that are certain.


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