A Postcrossing Update

rsz_51photo Yesterday, I came home from work to find the above envelope waiting for me. My first thought: how awesome is that?!? Really. When was the last time you came home to find mail from Russia, let alone mail that’s in a Sochi 2014 Olympic envelope? Enclosed was a really neat postcard from a city in Russia called Kstovo. I know I’ve discussed Postcrossing on my blog before, but since I’ve really started to get back into, I figured it was time to revisit.

As of right now, I’ve sent 40 postcards that have made it to their designations and been registered. I’ve got nine more ‘traveling’ right now, including two I’m sending today out to China and Netherlands. I’ve received 36 postcards over my stretch of time with Postcrossing.

Here’s my stats:

The postcards I’ve sent have reached a total distance of 165,979 miles. So far, I’ve sent out cards to nineteen different countries around the world, including China, Germany, Malaysia, Finland and Russia. The postcards I’ve received have come from a total distance of 161,941 miles. I’ve received postcards from 16 different countries, including Australia, Slovenia, Ukraine and Belgium.

I happen to think that’s pretty damn amazing. The envelope pictured in this post traveled 4,847 miles to reach me, and that’s crazy to think about. A month ago, that envelope was nearly 5,000 miles away, in Russia. Now, after being stamped and written on and sealed and traveling for days through goodness knows how many countries, it’s here with me.

I really hope to keep up with Postcrossing again. I’ve stocked up on postcards, but I’ll need to visit the post office again soon to buy some more international stamps since I’m almost out. I really love this project and its potential, and coming home from a busy day to find mail from a country thousands of miles away is just an amazing feeling.

Here’s the full list of countries I’ve received postcards from:  USA (6), Russia (5), Germany (4), Poland (4), Taiwan (2), Ukraine (2), Netherlands (2), Australia (2), France (2), Finland (1), Belgium (1), Spain (1), Japan (1), China (1), Slovenia (1) Singapore (1).

And the full list of countries I’ve sent postcards to: USA (7), Netherlands (6), Russia (6), Germany (5), Belarus (5), China (4), Finland (3), Poland (2), Malaysia (1), Singapore (1), Lithuania (1), Hong Kong (1), Ukraine (1), Taiwan (1), Croatia (1), Slovenia (1), Belgium (1).

*pssst* you should try it, too!




One thought on “A Postcrossing Update

  1. love your russian postcard!

    i know that my first 100 cards seemed to take an age to get through but now they seem to arrive much quicker. maybe i’ve got better at writing the addresses!

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