“Why” vs. “Why Not”

All too often, it’s very easy for us to make excuses; to find reasons – no matter how small they may be – for us to get out of doing something. Whether it’s the age-old classic “I can’t” or the all-too-familiar “I just don’t have time,” or something perhaps a little more creative, we as human beings tend to be filled with doubt, and ask “Why should I do this?” I, however, would like to challenge you. Instead of asking why you should do something, start asking why not? Start asking yourself why SHOULDN’T you do something, and figure out what is holding you back from doing things. Then take steps to eliminate that way of thinking so you can expand your world and start doing new and exciting things.

Here’s a few examples where this new way of thinking might come in handy.

Situation #1: Meeting New People

Whether it’s messaging someone on Twitter or complimenting someone in public, it’s easy to be filled with doubt when it comes to approaching new people. “Why should I talk to them? What if they think I’m strange, or are rude to me, etc.” Instead of thinking like that, try this: Why shouldn’t you talk to them? You’re a good person, you’re friendly and fun and you have an energy unlike anyone else. What’s stopping you from talking to them? And what’s the worst that can happen – they tune you out or react in a rude manner toward you; so what if they do? You’ve lost nothing if the encounter goes sour, but if it goes well, you might just gain a new friend!

Situation #2: Trying A New Restaurant/Band/Event

“Well, I like this restaurant so much, why would I try a new one?” I’m certainly guilty of this way of thinking. Why stray from what you already know and are familiar with, your safety net? Why NOT? So you go to a different restaurant one week for dinner rather than going to your typical venue. You might find that you actually love it. Maybe you’ll discover a new dish, or a new friend – but you’ll never know unless you try it.

Situation #3: Fulfilling A Dream

Whether your dream is a trip to somewhere new or doing an activity you’d never normally dream of – why not go for it? Sure, it might take some planning. Maybe realistically you can’t spontaneously decide to go for it, but take the steps toward your goal.

My point is: stop doubting, stop questioning why you should do things and start thinking in the realm of “why not?” Whether it’s applying for a job (“why not me?”) or any of the aforementioned items or something completely different, just go for it. As the saying goes – if it’s important to you, you’ll find a way. If not, you’ll find an excuse. Stop looking for excuses and just go for it.


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