Writer’s Block: Something I Love To Do

I absolutely love writing. It has been my passion for as long as I can remember, but even I often hit the extremely frustrating brick wall that is writer’s block. Recently, I’ve found myself searching on the Internet for inspirations, little sparks to get my writing going again. Today’s spark comes from a blog from 2008, written by Jennifer Roach, entitled “Pro Writing Tips.” The post is called, simply enough, “100 jump-starters to cure your writer’s block.” I actually found this one through StumbleUpon and found some intriguing ideas, so here we are. Idea #16 on Roach’s list is to “describe something you love to do.”

Well, something I love to do is….. to write. So I suppose this is where I will write…. about how I love to write.

I think there is something magical about writing. It’s about putting together strings of what could otherwise be meaningless words and creating something from that. Taking these letters, which are in their very own essence just meaningless curves and lines and combinations of those things, taking those and making something amazing out of them. There are so many words in so many languages across the world. We can use tools like punctuation and syntax to really develop something: an idea, a story, a song. We can create tones and moods, provide textual descriptions that are so spectacular it will make readers visualize and turn your words into images.

We can write in love, or in hate; in despair, in times of sadness or depression, in times of elation and excitement. We can write a lot or not at all. We can use a word to make a sentence (“Yes!”) or two words (“I ran.”) or more and more words. We can use run-on sentences (try not to, though). Writing gives us an infinite amount of power. The power of words has always been a factor in our lives, and the power of the written word is no different. We can share our thoughts, feelings, ideas and opinions with others, or we can write simply for ourselves. We can write in so many ways, too: with paper and pen or pencil or crayon, electronically on our laptops or cell phones or other devices. We can write in the sand with a broken twig or in the mud in the same manner. We can write to change the world, to change ourselves, or for any number of other reasons.

Writing is, in my mind, a magical form of art. It is a craft, a passion for me, and I believe writing is my one, true calling in life. My goal has always been to use my writing to change the world in some way, and I fully intend on doing just that.


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