Daily Challenge: Be Positive

Going along with one of this week’s earlier challenge — to smile — today’s challenge is related. Just two words to guide you through your day: be positive.

Realistically, this might be easier said than done sometimes. Not every moment in life is a happy one, and it’s perfectly normal and acceptable to be sad, angry, or any other range of emotions.

But sometimes – at least in my personal experience – it’s easier to be negative than positive. For instance, if you try out for a part in a musical — it’s sometimes easier to say “Well, I probably won’t get it” than to be positive and think “I kicked ass at that audition, I think I’ve done well!” That line of negative thinking drags you down, and sets you up with no expectations. While the positive thinking COULD lead to disappointment if you don’t end up getting the part, the negative thinking is doing you absolutely no good.

So today, be positive. Think about the good things in your life, rather than the not-so-good. Think about how great it is that you woke up this morning. Think about what you have in your life that many others may not have in theirs. Consider the idea of going through your day with a positive attitude, looking on the brighter side of things. Make a conscious effort to be positive today and see where it gets you. And smile! 🙂


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