The Honeymooners: Day 2

13724053_10207339537830751_4033445794831812987_o (1) The second day of our New England honeymoon was another fantastic one! More ocean time, a little beach morning and…. whale watching! I may never get the opportunity again in my lifetime to see whales, so this was something I was really looking forward to and in the end, something I’m really glad I got the chance to do… even if I did get a little sick on the boat.

13718539_10207339551791100_4221983171883563876_nOur Tuesday started off with breakfast at our hotel, Lamie’s Inn. Whenever I look at hotels, I always look for a few things: breakfast, WiFi and parking – preferably all free. I lucked out on this trip and hit the jackpot at all three hotels! We drove out to the beach, which was crowded but not overly crowded, it being a Tuesday and all, and spent a little bit of time there. I’m not big on sitting out in the sun for long – I burn too easily – so we didn’t stay too long.

We then headed to a nearby mall, Fox Run in Newington, NH. Shopped around a bit and had a quick bite to eat before heading out to Rye, New Hampshire for the Granite State Whale Watch!

13737525_10207339586831976_5755429654594129604_oThe ocean is majestic, as are the whales. We saw five or six fin whales and a couple of humpback whales as well as a bluefin tuna. Obviously, the boat stays within a respectable distance to allow the whales to go about their day without human intrusion. These creatures are…. huge, some 60-70 feet long!

I probably would’ve enjoyed the whale watch a bit more if I didn’t feel sick for half of it. I’m not usually a seasick person, but a) it was a smaller boat b) it was the ocean and c) we were often stopped, sitting there, bobbing up and down, this way and that way, while waiting for the whales to resurface. When we were moving, I was okay, but when we stopped…. not so great. In the end, we were out there a little less than four hours (which was plenty long enough for me!)

After letting things settle, we went to dinner at the Galley Hatch in Hampton. I tried lobster for the first time but had a haddock sandwich (the Yarmouth) for myself, with potato salad and fresh rolls. (Rolls seem to be a big thing in the area; we got them at EVERY restaurant, without asking.)

Finally, we capped off the night with a brief moonlight stroll at the beach – and that was just day two! We still had so much of our trip left and so much to see!


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