The Honeymooners: Day 3

The third day of our honeymoon saw us check off yet another state: Massachusetts, as we set off there several times – and then back into New Hampshire – throughout the day. We had some fun along the coast but also got to enjoy a concert in Boston!

13731987_10207353186691964_2449588075063374221_oWe started off the third day of our trip by doing a scooter/moped rental in nearby Seabrook, NH. This was something I had found literally a year ago online, saved it and thought “Well, maybe.” It turned out to be super fun, affordable and definitely a neat experience! We paid $40 for an hour-long rental (you can also rent for longer periods, including $200 for the day!) and drove up and down the coast, into Salisbury, MA and up and around Hampton. It’s so interesting, being so low to the ground. I was a little scared at first, but they are street-legal vehicles with license plates.

After returning our moped, we decided to drive down to Newburyport, MA. We found cute diner-style restaurant where we had lunch, checked out an indie bookstore (The Book Rack) and a few other gift shops.

Then it was time to head into Boston. Note to self: next time, take public transit. We parked in the garage at TD Garden, our eventual destination for the Demi Lovato & Nick Jonas concert, but decided to hit up The Fours for dinner to start. I had the Buffalo mac & cheese which, being *from* Buffalo, was okay but didn’t overtly impress me.

13770311_10207353263093874_8918105492256532780_nWe, being hockey nuts, of course had to check out the Bobby Orr statue while we were there as well! Then it was time to head into the arena – and I’m glad we did then, because security was crazy and the crowd was enormous.

The concert itself was good, but I found it a little short – though I guess I have to keep in mind that there were two main acts sharing the time. Demi was amazing (as usual; this was my third time seeing her live) and Nick was cool. I didn’t know all of his songs, and half the time I just kept thinking of the younger version of himself that had all that curly hair and sang on Disney Channel.

After that, it was back to our hotel in New Hampshire to get some shut-eye before our next adventures!


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