The Honeymooners: Day 4

13723957_10207353336415707_6120732429332719362_oThe fourth day of our trip was split into two parts. Though we started off at our hotel in New Hampshire, we kicked off the day with a drive up the coast and into Maine – another new state for me! After some time there, we headed back to New Hampshire, where we got a couples’ massage and vegged out.

Our main stop in Maine (okay, that sounded funny) ended up being to Fort Williams Park in Cape Elizabeth. It was literally something I pulled up on my phone while en route, and it ended up being probably my favorite scenery of the entire trip. The drive in Maine was beautiful, and the view from the park – and the Portland Head Light – was absolutely breathtaking.


It was also really neat to see this lighthouse that was commissioned by none other than GEORGE WASHINGTON! So much incredible history and it is still a working lighthouse to date. We then drove into Portland and wanted to stop for lunch, but it was a madhouse and parking was full to the brim, so we went to Kittany (near the ME/NH state line) instead and found The Weathervane.

13735809_10207353362616362_1181983120759091375_oRyan finally got to try a lobster roll, which is the big “thing” in New England, apparently, and I enjoyed haddock stuffed with crabmeat. Yum!

From there we drove back into New Hampshire and had our couples’ massage at Spectra Salon & Spa in Hampton. They really were excellent. I booked it just a few weeks in advance and they went above and beyond to fit us into their schedule. (Yes, I dropped the honeymoon card). It was so relaxing; I wish I could do that every month!

Then we went back out to the mall in Newington, where I got my hair cut and we had dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings before heading back to our hotel. We ended up doing dessert in the tavern because my sister sent us a gift certificate! It was delicious and a great way to finish off our last night at Lamie’s Inn in New Hampshire.


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