The Honeymooners: Day 5

13731965_10207393248893494_8160446469122594988_oDay five of our trip saw us leave New Hampshire to head into Massachusetts, where we’d stay for a couple of days! From a little more time at the beach, a LOT of souvenirs and a Red Sox game on a very, very hot Friday night, it was yet another fun day filled with adventures!

After one last breakfast at Lamie’s Inn, we stopped at Hampton Beach for one more time before we left New Hampshire. While there – parking was INSANE, by the way – we also stopped at Mrs. Mitchell’s Gifts, a cute gift shop along the strip where I bought a lotttt of souvenirs! (But hey, half the part of traveling is bringing home fun things for yourself and others!)

13681061_10207393276654188_7750703586498624359_nWe then drove down to Salem, MA. It was unfortunately an incredibly hot day, so we didn’t spend too much time there, but I’d definitely like to go back someday. We did stop at the Salem Witch Museum, where I bought a few things in the gift shop – including a book called “Six Women of Salem,” – and saw the memorial to those killed in the Witch Trials.

From there, it was over to Burlington, where we stayed for the next two nights. We actually found a (very, very nice) Wegmans a short drive from our hotel, so that was where we headed for lunch/dinner/something! (Wegmans subs are the best.) We then checked into our hotel, the Sonesta ES Suites, which was… really nice! It was definitely a big change from Lamie’s Inn; we went from a sort of old-fashioned, home-y inn to a very modern hotel suite.

We capped off our Friday with the Red Sox vs. Twins game at Fenway Park. It was way too hot (95 degrees at 7:10 p.m. first pitch), but we stayed through the 7th-inning stretch. This was my fourth MLB ballpark and Ryan’s first major-league baseball game!


Again, I repeat: Boston traffic was wild. I’m honestly surprised we made it out without any incidents, but eventually, we did make it back to our hotel in Burlington — before heading back into the city the following morning!


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