Here’s Why I LOVE My FitBit

14032927_1042104282509850_482547608_nLast year, I decided to go out and buy a FitBit Charge for myself. Since then, the FitBit brand has come out with all sorts of new tracker models, from a variety of wrist ones, to pocket trackers and more.

Are you thinking about getting a FitBit? Or do you love yours? Whatever the reason, this is just the post for you! Here are five things I love about my FitBit!

  1. It gave me a starting point. Before I bought my FitBit, I (like many people) had really no idea how much walking I did each day. Obviously, there are “goals” that each person should aim for each day in order to stay healthy – including exercise goals! But before my FitBit, I really had no idea where I was at. Once I got my FitBit, it gave me a starting point so that I could track my daily walking habits. (I was, on average, doing about ~6,000 steps per day.)
  2. It helps me set – and reach – realistic goals. Once I got into the habit of wearing/using my FitBit on a daily basis, I was able to set a realistic goal of 10,000 steps per day. Definitely a reach for me, especially some days (I work a mostly-desk job where I’m sitting for 8 hours per day), but it helped me set a goal that I aim to reach every day.
  3. It makes me accountable, if only to myself. The fact is that with a FitBit, it’s super easy to set a goal and then really have to be accountable for that goal. I hate synching my tracker in my iPhone app, only to find that I’m nowhere near my daily goal! My FitBit helps me be accountable for my exercise regime and has helped push me to walk more – even if it’s just taking a five-minute break at work to walk around the office. You can also use the calories & water functions to keep yourself accountable for those factors of your life, too!
  4. It’s easy. Plain and simple – it’s easy. All I have to do is remember to put my FitBit on my wrist every morning, and sync it at night. It’s as easy as wearing a watch (and functions as one, too!), and I don’t have to worry about carrying my phone around all day. (Prior to getting a FitBit, I tried a step tracker on my iPhone, but realistically, I can’t carry my phone around all day, especially during work!)
  5. In the end, it’s an investment in my health. And without my health, where am I? Buying a FitBit was a conscious decision to invest in my health and in my exercise regime (or sometimes, lack thereof). I love that it helps me be aware of what I’m doing with my body and allows me to push myself to new goals.

Sure, there are days I don’t reach my goal. There are other days when it’s 10:35 p.m., I’m ready for bed and I still need *just* 100 more steps — so I pace around my apartment until I get there. There are days when I just plain FORGET to charge my FitBit (sad days!) and other days when I forget to sync it. And I don’t sleep with it on, because as a side-sleeper, I think it digs into my side and can be a little uncomfortable.

But in the end, buying a FitBit was a great decision and I’m really happy with my purchase, and I definitely recommend it to anyone else who wants to be health-conscious and aware of their steps in their every day life! So go on, buy one today.

(I promise, I wasn’t paid anything by FitBit for this post – I just genuinely think they’re pretty awesome!)


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